The president betrayed every American with his craven performance in Finland. . When a journalist asked if Trump thought of Putin as an "adversary Trump interjected, "I call him a competitor then stressed that word was meant as a compliment. Media outlet at a time of high tension between Russia and the.S. In other words, the.S. Yet Trump had only praise for the ex-KGB colonel. Unlike his Singapore summit with North Korean leader. (looks at other case studies and considers the claims of the ousted president of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Crimea to invite Russia to intervene) (vi) Zachary Vermeer in ejil: Talk! In March 1997, then-President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin met in Helsinki on security and economic issues. Trump said all that members of the opposing political party 'know how to do is resist and obstruct! The United States has been foolish.

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Kim Jong-Un, where the president at least pushed for a denuclearization deal as he claimed that the meeting itself was an accomplishment, Trump has been hesitant to set any expectations for Helsinki at all. Can the man who fancies himself the world's best deal-maker really be this gullible? (argues that Northern Cyprus is a closer analogy to Crimea than Kosovo) (iv) Marko Milanovic at ejil: Talk! The American president was endorsing Putin's lies over the findings.S. 'Of course it's the president's call, but I think it's highly unlikely that that's going to emerge in their ere's a lot more to talk about, strategic stability, Syria, Ukraine,.P.R.K., our bilateral relationship.' He added, 'We've got a fraught bilateral relationship. Simply put, Trump could not put the good of his country above his partisan interests. (differentiates between DoI, referendum, and territorial change and discusses what determines the legality or otherwise of each) (viii) Gregory Fox at Opinio Juris (analysis of the legal nature of the 16th March Treaty between Russia and Crimea by which Crimea is "adopted" into the Russian. It ran so long that first lady Melania Trump was sent in to try and end it, although she failed in her attempt. That's like asking the thief to investigate his burglary. Military operations in Europe without consulting the State Department or the Pentagon. He says his nation isn't responsible for either bad acts.

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Trump could promise to ease sanctions or cut.S. He said Saturday that was preparing for the meeting the White House now insists is not a full-fledged summit from his Turnberry property in South Aryshire. Nor Russia have not agreed upon any 'deliverables' to come out of Monday's meeting. Has no extradition treaty with Russia. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade Trump volunteered to CBS when asked about his goal for the summit. .

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read more: Trump's comments alongside Putin criticized by both parties as 'disgraceful 'treasonous' and 'shameful'. Earlier, he had attacked the European Union as a 'foe' in a broadcast interview that aired Sunday. So, it's a good thing these presidents are getting together.' Germany, Britain and other.S. B) intervention TO protect nationals/self-defence, c) other cases OF intervention TO protect nationals. (how Russia's stated foreign policy and leading scholarly writers assert that state sovereignty trumps self-determination claims) B) intervention TO protect nationals/self-defence (i) Georg Nolte and Albrecht Randelzhofer on Article 51 from from Simma (Ed.) The Charter of the United Nations A Commentary (free content) (ii).

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